1. Get your basic measurement – sketch to us

2. We meet with you to get your wish list and wood type, counter top type, etc.

3. We design your kitchen in 3D and email it or print it out for you to review

4. We give you our FREE estimate (includes cabinets, hardware, counter tops, delivery and install in one price)

5. Pick out your stain colors, hardware and countertop

6. Get started creating your kitchen!

Draw us your space on a piece of paper

Don’t forget to include…


Window / Door Openings


Ceiling Height


In our first meeting we will discuss:


– The importance of functionality in your space. Would you forgo certain design aspects to maximize on functionality?

– We will consider the look you want to achieve, modern, contemporary, country or classic?

– We will discuss our different wood options and the importance of choosing the right wood for your space.

– Do you prefer staggered cabinets or straight lines and what will work best within your space?

– Will you be incorporating your current appliances or adding new appliances into your space?

– And much more….

From 3D Drawing to your new space!




Custom cabinets provide limitless design options. Whether you are just beginning to gather ideas or have already drawn out your dream idea, let’s connect!

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